Whitewash Brush

Pack Size: 1

Barcode: 6004765105004

The Whitewash Brush is a paint brush used in the application of lime wash, as well as white wash onto exterior buildings & perimeter walls.

Features & Benefits:

• Extra length, coarse bristle used extensively in bagging
• Ideal for application of cementitious coatings
• Also used during various paint technique applications
• Hardwearing and durable

Product Features:

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No variations available for this product.

No variations available for this product.


Hamilton’s Specialist Range of decorating tools is designed for precision and durability, catering to specific needs in painting and decorating tasks. The range includes brushes and rollers crafted with innovative features tailored for high-performance outcomes on various surfaces.

Key features of the Specialist Range include brushes with specially formulated filaments that provide excellent paint pick-up, smooth application, and resistance to abrasion. These brushes are designed to maintain their shape and provide a consistently smooth finish, which is particularly beneficial for tasks requiring precision such as cutting in. The handles are often made from sealed beech, providing durability and resistance to water, ensuring comfort and longevity.

The rollers in this range are constructed to handle all types of coatings efficiently, with a focus on achieving fast, even coverage and minimizing paint splatter. The materials used are selected to ensure optimal performance with both water-based and solvent-based paints.

Overall, the Specialist Range by Hamilton’s integrates quality materials with advanced manufacturing techniques to deliver tools that professional painters and decorators rely on for detailed and demanding painting projects​.