Blending Brush

Pack Size: 1

Barcode: 60047651552008

The Blending brush is a paint brush with natural bristle for chalk painting, faux finishes, glazes, dry brushing and blending colours.

Features & Benefits:

• For use on a wide variety of surfaces
• Paddle grip fits comfortably in hand
• Strong yet pliable bristles

Product Features:

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No variations available for this product.

No variations available for this product.


Hamilton’s Pro-Chalk Range is tailored specifically for chalk paint applications, offering a selection of brushes that provide excellent results for both amateur and professional painters. This range includes various types of brushes, such as stencil brushes, wax brushes, and blending brushes, all designed to work optimally with chalk-based paints. These brushes are noted for their superior synthetic bristles, which are securely encased in stainless steel ferrules, ensuring durability and a high-quality finish.

The Pro-Chalk stencil brushes are available in multiple sizes and are preferred for their precision in creating detailed patterns and designs with chalk paints. The wax brushes in this range are ideal for applying waxes and glazes, providing a smooth, even coverage that enhances the depth and texture of finished surfaces. Additionally, the blending brushes are perfect for achieving soft, graduated colour transitions on a variety of surfaces, making them versatile for decorative painting projects.

Each brush in the Pro-Chalk Range is crafted to meet the demands of discerning painters who value quality and efficiency in their painting tools. Whether for decorative work, furniture restoration, or fine art applications, these brushes offer the performance and reliability needed to achieve “The Perfect Finish.”