Hamilton’s “Perfection Range” is a high-end line of painting tools designed for professional painters and decorators who seek quality and durability. This range includes brushes, rollers, and various decorating tools, tailored to cater to all painting applications, surfaces, and paint types. The brushes in this range are known for their superior paint pickup and release, providing a smooth, flawless finish. They utilize top-quality synthetic filaments, which are flagged and tipped to enhance their performance with modern paint formulations. The rollers are also crafted using the finest manufacturing processes, featuring thermo-bonded fabrics to reduce spatter and enhance ease of cleaning​.

The Perfection brushes, such as the Ensign Brush, are particularly noted for their taper-tipped synthetic bristles, ensuring superior spreadability and an ultra-smooth finish without bristle loss, making them versatile for all types of coatings and easy to clean.

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The Classic roller is ideal for use with high viscosity water-based paints & plaster primers on rough surfaces….