Paint Brushes

Discover our diverse range of paint brushes, crafted for professional-grade results. Our range includes brushes suitable for all painting tasks, from intricate detailing to broad strokes. With quality bristles and ergonomic designs, our paint brushes ensure precision and durability, making your painting projects a breeze.

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The Hamilton’s Perfection Range Ensign Brush is a paint brush suitable for solvent and water-based paints and wood treatments. This is the preferred range for chalk paint applications….
The Hamilton’s Professional Range Paint Brush is a premium blended bristle brush – use for the highest quality finish with all water and solvent-based paint & wood treatment applications….
The Utility Brush is an all-purpose paint brush ideal for multiple uses, including cutting-in & trim work….
The Fibreglass Brush is a natural, blonde bristle-blend paint brush designed for applying paints, varnishes, stains, resins & fibreglass….
Woodcoate 3-brush Set is a natural, blonde bristle-blend brush set designed for applying varnishes, stains, wood coatings and decorative paints. Suitable for Oil-based or water-based coatings….
The Silkcoate 3-piece Brush Set is an all-purpose blonde bristle paint brush set for multiple paint applications….
The Roof Renovator brush is an ideal paint brush for applying roof paints onto tiled, corrugated fibre-cement and IBR sheeting….
The Waterproof Brush is used for bitumen-based, as well as water-based and other high viscosity waterproofing coatings….
The Radiator Brush is used for PVA, enamel & wood treatments when painting in hard to reach areas. Also a great paint brush for basting with!…
The stencil brush has natural bristle for stenciling and special effects….
The Wax Brush is a specialised synthetic bristle paint brush for acrylics and chalk painting, dry brushing, blending colours, special effects and glazing….
The Blending brush is a paint brush with natural bristle for chalk painting, faux finishes, glazes, dry brushing and blending colours….
The artist paint brush set has a selection of both flat and round paint brushes, ideal for use with acrylic and enamel paints….
The Angled Trimming Brush is a specialized paint brush with soft synthetic bristle for acrylics, chalk paint and other water-based paints….
The Viva Brush is a multi-purpose paint brush range used with a variety of paint applications….
The Viva Roof Brush is a paint brush used for the application of roof paints on various surfaces….
Viva Waterproof brush is used for applying roof paints and waterproofing treatments on a variety of surfaces….
The Whitewash Brush is a paint brush used in the application of lime wash, as well as white wash onto exterior buildings & perimeter walls….
The Touch up value brush set are paint brushes for general purpose applications where a quality finish is not key….