Mini Rollers

A wide range of mini-rollers, designed for precision and efficiency in small-scale painting projects. Our mini rollers feature high-quality foam, velour, microfibre or mohair roller sleeves and ergonomic handles, ensuring smooth and accurate paint application. Perfect for detail work and tight spaces, these rollers deliver professional results with ease, enhancing your painting experience.

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The Microfibre roller is used for water based wood treatments and paints….
The Mini mohair roller is used for water and solvent-based enamel paints, varnishes & wood sealants….
The Mini Roller Handles & Tray have Sturdy steel handles for use with Vestaron and high density foam roller refills….
Supafoam is the highest quality foam for an extra-smooth finish with enamel paints and wood sealants on wood and metal surfaces….
Velour (flocked) for superior quality application of water and solvent-based enamels and varnishes, on wood and metal surfaces….