An assortment of abrasives, made to tackle various surface preparation tasks effectively. From sandpaper rolls to sanding sheets, our range offers solutions for smoothing, sanding, and finishing surfaces across different materials. With superior durability and performance, our abrasives ensure optimal results in your projects, whether large-scale or intricate.

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Cabinet Paper is used for removal of varnishes and other top coats from wood surfaces. Traditional choice for cabinet-makers and woodworkers….
Sanding Roll is widely used in the floor-sanding and the decorative and industrial painting industries. Also used for wood sanding, smoothing of crack-fillers on walls prior to painting, removing of rust, cleaning and surface preparation of steel structures e.g. gates, gutters & drainpipes….
Scourers are suitable for use on wood, metal, plastics, ceramics or composites. For blending, cleaning, stripping, deburring and surface-preparation or finishing….
Wet & Dry Sanding Sheet is designed for hand-sanding applications on a variety of substrates. Applications include wood-sanding to remove paint or varnishes, metal-sanding (wet or dry), sanding during paint technique applications e.g. Chalk paints or for paint removal from various surfaces….